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Visit the Minne Brasserie in Bastogne to taste fantastic beers reflecting the Ardenne terroir.

The Brasserie is located between Bastogne and Vaux-sur-Sûre, in the heart of the Ardenne region: the best place to design new brews!

The brewery's masterpieces

The Trouffette, a typical beer from the Bastogne country, exists in lager, dark and amber and, depending on the season, Belle d’Été and Givrée. The BPA (Bastogne Pale Ale), a light IPA style lager made from spelt is the brewery's latest creation. These high fermentation beers are unfiltered and refermented in the bottle.

Organic ingredients

The brewery was born of the friendship between an organic farmer and a brewer. Founded in 2008, it is nestled in an organic farm with access to fantastic ingredients

Get a taste of the Belgian Ardenne through this range of high-quality beers.

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