MMM: Mons Mémorial Museum

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The city of the Doudou invites you to discover the MMM or Mons Memorial Museum: a new cultural space retracing its story through the two world wars.

Tucked in what used to be a water machine, this interpretive centre of military history will take you on a fantastic trail from the Middle Ages to Shape (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), via the “Ancien Régime”, right up to the two World Wars.

The exhibits on display, selected from the city's rich military history collections, highlight fundamental questions about the relationship between the civilian and military population and lead to a wider reflection on war and society.

A historical tank

Stop by the Esplanade Dolez to admire a Sherman tank: this vehicle is a real symbol of the liberation of the region. It will be parked there permanently.

The Liberation Route

The MMM is on the European Liberation Route. This itinerary retraces the milestones of modern European. It takes you to milestone locations, each marked by a large boulder and each with its own interesting and often moving story about the civilians and soldiers who lived and fought there during the end of the Second World War.

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