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The Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg Belge (CACLB), created in 2007 on the site of Mautban-Buzenol, features temporary monumental and environmental artworks in an area dedicated to archaeology, cultural heritage and nature.

A site in 2 parts

The site is divided into two sections. The bottom one is a real green haven: its streams helped local industries to develop in the past. The upper side includes the lapidary museum, a surprising construction. The site of Montauban-Buzenol enjoys a rich biodiversity: make the most of the marked trails to explore it.

The Contemporary Art Centre

There are 3 exhibition spaces to discover:

  • The Espace René Greisch (lower part): made of 4 sea containers arranged in a plus sign, this area offers 3 levels linked by a spiral staircase.
  • The bureau des forges (lower part): these former blacksmith workshops were turned into exhibition spaces. These are some of the only remains of the industrial complex that used to be on the site.
  • The musée lapidaire (upper part): built in 1960 by Constantin Brodzki for the Musées Gaumais, it is occasionally used by the CACLB for exhibitions. Quite a reference in modernism and museum architecture, it presents dozens of sculpted blocks from Gallo Roman sepulchres found on the site.


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