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Love folklore? Come and see the Morlanwelz' colourful carnival.

The carnival of Morlanwelz takes place on the first Sunday following the mardi gras: The bonfire (or Feureu in Wallonia) is lit, smiles are all around. This might be a small carnival but it's a fun one: the participants dress up as Scottish, Indian, Emirs and the likes... All of them will join in the traditional Gille dance.

The "Vîs Grands Pés" candlelit walk

Anyone can join but you will need an outfit! Everyone in the crowd wears a center and nightcap, long white boxers, clogs... and holds a lit candle. The crowd walks behind drums, being played all the way. Quite a fantastic atmosphere.



On Sunday morning, the Gilles get up early: by 5 am, they are on his way to the town centre and music is being played already. The different guilds are being received officially by the communal authorities at the City Hall.

At 11 am, they will perform a rondeau (traditional dance) on the Grand Place and at 4 pm, they will walk through the city. People come from everywhere in the region to see it. The Gilles distribute oranges as they go along.


Monday is quite special too. At 9 am, the young folk of the area organize an outing to the church, playing music there. At 6.30 pm, a large procession walks through the city, followed by the crowd. Once they reach the Place du Marché, the bonfire is lit. The festivities conclude with stunning fireworks.

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