Mulum Museum - Liege's Light Museum

  • Mulum Museum - Liege's Light Museum
  • Mulum Museum - Liege's Light Museum
  • Mulum Museum - Liege's Light Museum
  • Mulum Museum - Liege's Light Museum
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The Light Museum in Liège showcases key lighting objects and mechanisms, used all over the world from prehistoric times to the 21st century.

Discover more than 1000 pieces, organised by theme. Each sheds light on the evolution of the lighting system. With examples from Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia, you will learn everything there is to know about lighting such as:

  • candles
  • oil lamps
  • gas lamps
  • petrol lamps
  • limelight lamps
  • wood gas lamps
  • tight oil lamps
  • electric lamps

From the most simple to the most extraordinary, the most sober to the most sophisticated process: the Light Museum in Liège gives an insight into a little known, yet fascinating, side of human ingenuity.

Light tells its story...

From the flickering of Roman oil lamps to our energy efficient bulbs: the Light Museum invites guests to discover the magic of its stunning collection.
The museum owes its existence, in large part, to the donation of part of Philippe Deitz's collection of vintage light fixtures.
Philippe Deitz had been collecting vintage light fixtures since the age of 15. He is the founder of MUVILUM - Le Musée vivant du luminaire (The Living Light Museum) and the author of "History of Light. History of Man."

Practical Information


  • €3 for adults
  • €1.25 article 27
  • Free for under 12 .o., school groups from the Liege region
  • Free for all the first Sunday of each month.

Bespoke events can be organised by the Museum's Entertainment Service. For more information, please call +32 (0)4/221 68 32 (37) or email edith.schurger@liege.be

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