Musée de la 1ere Armée Française

Assembled by private collectors, this museum provides an overview of the deployment of the Belgian, French and British armed forces as part of the Dyle plan, with a large collection of weapons, maps and documents. The displays underline the importance of the battle of Gembloux, emphasising the sacrifice of the French and North African soldiers.

The Moroccan division had to march by night for 80 miles in three days to reach Gembloux, with the objective: 'Hold the line, steadfast. they scored a oral victory, blowing up bridges at sunset on 14 May and forcing the Germans back to the villageof Thoremblais. But their efforts would be in vain. Deployed westwards to cover the French retreat, only seventy og the 2,500-strong Moroccan Division would return home at the end of the May 1940 campaign.

The Belgian room illustrates the position of the Belgian army behind the defensive Dyle position and highlights the desperate living conditions of Belgian civilians during the occupation. The museum also contains some German equipment, including gas masks that, mercifully, were never needed throughout WW2.



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