The Musée de la boîte en fer blanc in Grand-Hallet: a museum dedicated to stunning tin boxes

The largest collection of tin boxes in the world, listed by the Guinness Book, is in Wallonia. This impressive gathering features no less than 60,000 items: quite an exceptional heritage... No matter how you try, it is impossible to imagine how vast the selection is. To discover this particularly touching treasure, simply visit the Yvette Dardenne museum.

Memories for all generations

These tin boxes are witnesses of our past, our culture. With them, memories come to mind, most often linked to childhood sweet times. Mme Dardenne's incredible collection counts priceless gems: some refer to history, some to economical eras through advertising images. In other words, they put the story in History.

Not just contenants: art pieces

These tin boxes would be used for tea, spices, chocolate, biscuits, medicine even. They took all kind of shapes: a church, a train, animals, soldiers, windmills, guitars, guns, boats, nativity scenes, prams, castles... These masterpieces were embellished with old-fashioned but charming lithography .

More than just a visit: a passion shared

The museum can only be visited by appointment. Solo and group visits can be arranged all year round. The guide will tell how this passion was born and the story - sometimes stories - behind these tin boxes. Count 1h30-2h30 to see it all.

Téléphone: +32 19 63 43 92



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