The Musée de la fête foraine et de la Mémoire (Saint-Ghislain) is dedicated to fun fairs of yesteryear

The Musée de la Foire et de la Mémoire invite visitors to travel through the funfairs and ducasses of the past, from the Middle Age to the present days. Seeing the hook a duck games, the carousels, the bumper cars, street food stalls of yesteryear, you might very well feel like a child again. 


The Mémoire (memory) galleries gather and give free access to documents and testimonies on Saint Ghislain's collective memory and cultural heritage: archives, posters, items manufactures when the city grew industrially in the 19th and 20th century.

A passionate guide will then take you through the funfair part: there will be chances to plays toss games, the lottery, sea flea circuses and vintage trailers... all with appropriate music, of course! A pure moment of enchantment.




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