Tilff Bee Museum

  • Guided tour and discovery
  • Education to nature

Located in the renovated barn of the Tilff, this natural museum is fully dedicated to bees.

The galleries feature

  • An audiovisual montage illustrating the many activities of working bees at different periods of their lives (2 versions, one for adults, the other for children)
  • A wide variety of beehives and beekeeping equipment presenting the evolution of beekeeping techniques over the centuries
  • Nobel Prize winner Karl von Frisch's research, particularly on the "language" of bees
  • Two glazed hives which make it possible to discover the comings and goings of the foragers a

Did you know?

  • Bees communicated by dancing
  • They do not see the colour red
  • A working bee lives 40 days, a Queen 5 years
  • Each bee has a very specific role in the hive
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Our passionate guide, the antique hives and the possibility to buy mead on site. 

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Minimum duration60:00



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