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This large building is quite noticeable when exploring Charleroi. A former barrack for infantry, Trésignie now is home to a museum dedicated to the brave regiment of the Chasseurs à Pied.

The Trésignies barracks

Caporal Trésigies was a hero in the first world war, and a militiaman in the 2nd regiment of the Chasseurs à Pied.

The barrack itself was built in 1880 and was the garrison for the 1st and 2nd regiments of the Chasseurs à Pied until 1976. It was listed as a historical monument in 1979.

The price of freedom

The museum presents the story of the Chasseurs à Pied from the 1830 revolution to the operations in ex-Yougoslavia.

The collections feature uniforms, war documents, private objects once having belonged to the soldiers, medals, armoured vehicles.

A fascinating page of the Belgian military story.


Porche Caserne TrésigniesAvenue Général Michel 1,6000Charleroi
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