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Latour may look like a peaceful little village in the Pays de Gaume, proud of an exceptional cultural heritage. The first and second world war scarred it deeply, as its cultural spaces will reveal. This charming location is well worth a detour.

The Baillet-Latour museum

The museum retraces the story of the the prestigious Baillet-Latour family, native of the region. Worth noting in the genealogy: Henri de Baillet-Latour, former preseident of the International Olympic Committee (1925-1942) and Alfred de Baillet-Latour, founder of the InBev-Baillet Latour Fund in 1974.

This cultural space also features a permanent exhibition presenting the village from its Roman origin to the French Revolution.

The Battle of the Frontiers museum

The museum showcases the Battle of the Frontiers, its terrible confrontations resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of French and German soldiers during the first world war. The massacres, which lasted 3 days (August 20-22, 1914), brought brutal destruction and fire to the villages, taking a heavy toll on the civilian population toll.

The museum displays many accounts of this cruel battle, archives, personal objects belonging to soldiers and the locals, a panoramic view of the military cemeteries in the area.

Relics and other witness accounts of the Second World War are also on show at the museum: the 1940 exodus, the occupations and the deportations, the resistance and the liberation at the end of the war.

The church

The Saint-Martin church, renovated in 2017, now hosts exhibitions and conferences. Originally built in the 16th century, it is worth a stop if only to admire its architecture.

Latour: one village, three fascinating cultural spaces.


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