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Namur becomes Wallonia's beer capital for a weekend per season, bringing beer lovers and producers together for amazing tastings. To each weekend its theme!

Summer: terroir beers

In Summer, Namur welcomes 30 local brewers and terroir gourmet artisans: a wonderful opportunity to try their specialities and chat with them. The event takes place in July on the esplanade of the citadel.

Autumn: Stout Sûre Meuse

The Stout Sûre Meuse is the autumn guest: dark, slightly acidic but delicious beers. You will be amazed by the range of flavours. The event takes place at the Brasserie de l'Echasse, in October.

Winter: spicy beers

Perfect to celebrate the beginning of the year. There will be 40 or so beers to try in the prestigious Floreffe abbey.

Spring: Saison beers

Spring is the best time to enjoy this typically Belgian beer, which used to be brewed at the beginning of winter for workers to enjoy when the field work would start again. Definitely, the best place to celebrate spring - so join the event in March and April on Place Rijckmans in Salzinnes!

Events no beer lover would miss!

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