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Press photographers invite you to revisit, through pictures, the events of importance of the past year. In Namur, from January 25th to February 25th, 2018.

8 digital artists will share their photographs and favourite shots: Denis Closon (ISOPIX), André Dubuisson (Confluent), Florent Marot, Jean-Christophe Guillaume and Vincent Lorent, John Thys, as well as the Avenir representants, Jacques Duchateau and Philippe Berger.

If Namur's hot topics of course are central to the exhibition, some of the photographers will broaden the subject by presenting their view of what's happening in Belgian, whether on political, social, cultural or sport themes.

This year, the retrospective will include a younger generation with pictures by students of the Institut Libre de Formation Permanente de Namur

When choosing pictures, the composition, the techniques to be used, the students brought a new vision, sometimes unexpected, of the events and Namur's cultural heritage.

Photos are reflection of life and life awaits in Namur.

Galerie du BeffroiRue du Beffroi 13,5000Namur
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