The Our valley, with its gentle hills, picturesque vales, sculpted by streams and rivers with poetic names, proves particularly enchanting. Make your way to the village of Ouren, where 5 megaliths, each representing the countries who were part of Europe at its beginning, stand.

The Our valley

Bathed by the tributaries to the Sûre, the Moselle and the Rhine, the Our Valley gives the Eastern Cantons an enchanting beauty and stunning landscapes. Add to this sweet little villages (Manderfeld, Schönberg, Lommersweiler, Burg-Reuland...) combining culture and nature. The region which has escaped industrialisation, kept its natural beauty. Soft wood and spruce forests alternate with fields, and meadows, preserving both fauna and flora. This little paradise, 30 km long, has become a dream destination for holidays and short breaks.

Fascinating landscapes

Here and there, visitors will find picturesque villages with pastel coloured, half-timbered farmhouses and thatch houses. Their quiet atmosphere is particularly appeasing. Centuries old churches and chapels, mills, ruins of castles, crosses along the fields and forest path add to the region's charm and air of mystery.

5 rocks for Europe

Near the village of Ouren, where Our and Ribbach meet, stands a tribute to Europe, built in 1977. The location is iconic: this is, indeed, the border between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. 3 communes, Heinerscheid (Luxembourg), Arzfeld (Germany) and Burg-Reuland (Belgium) brought these 5 megaliths together as the symbol of Europe, made of 5 countries at the time.




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