Nimy museum: ceramics and potteries from Mons ans its region

Nimy was once famous for its exquisite china skills. A page of history you can explore fully in the town's museum, home to a fascinating collection of potteries as well as other crafts mastered in the region.

Faience, ceramic and porcelain

The museum galleries feature masterpieces from the 18th, 19th and 20th century: all made in local china factories, Mons, Borinage and a few other internationally known names.

Visitors can also admire ceramics manufactured in Hauts-de-France and clay pipes designed in Nimy, Maisières, ...

There's more

The Nimy Museum also has:

  • a room presenting didactic material on china crafts
  • another dedicated to WW1
  • objects retracing the region's history



  • Library or document centre


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