Notre-Dame de Basse Wavre basilica

  • Religious heritage

The Notre-Dame de Basse Wavre basilica was built in the 16-17th century on the ruins of a Benedictine priory. It has been an important centre of pilgrimage for the last 500 years.

Religious procession

The Grand Tour, which takes place the first Sunday following June 24th, is the reason why te church was promoted to the basilica status in 1999.

Cultural heritage

  • The Notre Dame de Paix et de Concorde statue in the Marian Chapel
  • A shrine protecting the relics of over 40 saints and martyrs, some from the 20th century (Brother Mutien-Marie, Mother Teresa, Damien de Molokai...) 



  • Library or document centre


  • Parking
  • Car parking
  • Cycle rack
  • Cafe
  • Shop


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