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Discover this fascinating religious procession, dedicated to Mary.



  • 4 pm: departure Polydore Beaufaux Square, in Basse-Wavre, towards the pilgrims coming from Noville-sur-Mehaigne.
  • 6.15 pm: pilgrims and walkers gather, food tasting, walk towards Wavre
  • 7 pm: arrival in Wavre
  • 7,15 pm: the procession walks to the Saint Jean-Baptiste church
  • 8 pm: walk to the Basse-Wavre basilica, snacks in the parish room
  • 10.30 pm:  torch-lit cavalcade
  • 11 pm: fireworks


  • 7.30 am: mass for the pilgrims at the Basse-Wavre basilica
  • 8.15 am: the procession starts
  • 10.50 am: blessig
  • 11.25 am: prayers at the Saint Jean-Baptiste church
  • 12.30 pm: return to Basse-Wavre
Basilique Notre Dame de Basse-WavreRue du Calvaire,1300Wavre
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Event planned for the month of June 2021
Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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