• Festival

The O Bois des Rêves in Ottignies offers a fantastic range of fun activities to help the younger generations understand how important preserving nature and its biodiversity is.

Children will get a chance to...

  • play with sand, earth, grass, leaves, water, rocks, twigs
  • pay attention to fragrances and sounds in nature
  • use their hands to invent and create

Water and nature-themed activities

  • Water bar to experiment and find which, among the different waters on show, is tap water
  • Art workshop (nature prints, boat making...)
  • Marble race on a 97% nature track
  • Swing to go metres high in a bird suit
  • Unicorn ride
  • Storytelling
  • Little shop for imaginary items
  • Sound installation and Japanese fountains
  • Musical creations

Practical information

  • Entry is free
  • Booking is mandatory
  • Play area accessible during the festival


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Event planned for the month of September 2022 (1)

(1) Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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