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In the landscape featuring the beauty of the gentle Pays de Herve with the undulating diversity of the Ardennes, only the slated spire of San Sébastian church betrays the presence of the village of Olne, gently nestled there.

History and industry

Two centuries ago, the village prospered thanks to limestone quarrying and the manufacture of glazed pottery, textiles and nails. These days the place is enjoying a hard-earned rest, while preserving many a reminder of its industrious past. Look out for the Mosan Renaissance buildings, bringing brick and stone together, most of them built in the 17th and 18th century.

A stroll in the countryside

The region offers many opportunities for walks with a dozen marked trails around the village. Stop by the Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Herve and the Communal Office to pick up maps featuring the different routes.

Local specialities

Make sure to try some lèv’gos, a sweet kind of black pudding filled with currants, made by the local guild for generations. Its flavours prove as surprising as it is addictive. You will find it at the market stalls and at the butchers'.

 l'Espace des Saveurs et Découvertes, a few kilometres away, brings together a wide range of terroir products: a real delight for foodies.

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