The P.A.R.C. | The 8 museums of the central region of Walliona gathered to make the largest museum space in Belgium

  • Covered flea market at Keramis | Discover the Boch ceramics collection
  • Discover the Musée Royal de Mariemont

Discover the central regional of Wallonia's cultural heritage thanks to the P.A.R.C and its 8 museums.

The museums featured in the P.A.R.C are:

What is the P.A.R.C (Pôle des Arts en Région du Centre)?

These 8 museum spaces offer a new cultural dynamic spirit, offering a better experience of museum visits.

These collections, when gathered, represent 120,000: the biggest in Wallonia. They cover an incredible range of themes (contemporary art, surrealism, industrial heritage...) and techniques (masks, china, engraving, silverware...)

From La Louvière to the Seneffe, via Binche and Morlanwelz

These 8 museums are within very easy reach of each other - whether by car or even bike, with cycling paths designed to go from one to the other.



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