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These 6 hectares park surrounding the medieval castle of Braine-le-Château are so peaceful, so serene they are worth the detour. Open to visitors on requirement.

The beauty of the park

  • Remarkable trees (16th century maple trees, yews...)
  • The river Hainflows behind the castle 
  • The moats are filled with water from the nearby springs
  • The remains of a former Icehouse used during WW1
  • Migrating birds (herons, ducks, geese...)
  • Access to the lapidarium and its fascinating, ancient tombstones

The Counts of Hornes' castle

This fortress, built at the beginning of the 18th century by the Lords of Trazegnies, was turned into a leisure castle during the Renaissance and has since hosted prestigious families. it cannot be visited but strands gloriously in the park.

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The expert, passionate guide who enchanted us with fascinated anecdotes, such as the stained window picturing King Albert I killing a spiked helmet dragon. During WW2, the Germans would sit on the right side of the nave and would not have seen this detail. the Belgian, on the left would have...
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