Pas son genre | An exhibition on stereotypes at the Bateliers Archéologie (Namur)

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  • Exhibition
From 11 July to 25 October 2020.

Pas son genre (Not his/the type) questions the concept of stereotypes in archaeology and the consequences in research. This fantastic exhibition can be seen at the Pôle muséal des Bateliers de Namur.

Pink for girls, blue for boys. Women in the kitchen, men busy with DIY. These ideas carry some weight still and, surprisingly, in such rational fields as science too...Stereotypes, though evolved through time... and can differ from one civilisation to another.

The exhibition looks at....

  • How this well anchored thoughts may have influenced the interpretation of the past
  • How men and women were represented trough time
  • How we can know for sure the gender / sex of thousand years old remains


From 11 July to 25 October 2020.
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