The Pécrot pond, a fishing site near Grez-Doiceau

  • Lake, water body or waterway
  • Fishing
  • Adventure sports

This stunning 5 hectare pond, listed by Natura 2000, is located in Pécrot in the Brabant part of the Ardenne

This site is one of the most beautiful marshes in the Dyle valley. Its large surface makes it a wonderful refuge and nesting place for many water birds. The main activity there is fishing.

What can you fish in Pécrot?

Carps, crucian carps, pike, pikeperches, perches, eels.

Activities and events

  • Throughout the season, activities for members and non-members: competitions, children's day, on-line carp enduros...
  • The club offers fishing initiations




  • Fishing
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