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Located in the province of Luxembourg, between Durbuy and La Roche, the RIVEO Interpretative Centre features unexpected finds, all themed around rivers and their biodiversity.

RIVEO, the Rivers Interpretative Centre, welcomes visitors in the commune of Hotton, 16 km from La Roche-en-Ardenne and 8 from Marche-en-Famenne.

This educational space features a variety of spaces, activities and animations highlighting how rich the natural river habitat is:

  • A full stretch of a river, 12 metres long, has been recreated to allow visitors to observe an aquatic environment.
  • 16 aquariums featuring freshwater fish
  • A playful exhibition, River by night, presenting both the fauna when the sun sets and the effect of light pollution on nature
  • A panoramic view on the pond

Water fun

RIVEO also offers:

  • nature and fishing activities (open to all ages and level of experience, guide and material included, booking required)
  • 5 superb themed gardens
  • an exceptional 18 holes mini golf
  • CoSMos - the fantastic adventure of a salmon

Visitors with specific needs

Please click here to see the list of facilities and activities accessible to visitors with reduced mobility. Wallonia has developed the Access-i program to give travellers a clear understanding of what the infrastructures offer.
Please note, on this site:
  • If you have a wheelchair / if you have difficulties walking: special parking spaces, wide spaces along the museum, lifts and adapted fishing spaces
  • If you are deaf / if you are hard of hearing: didactic signs throughout the museum


Open on 28/10/2020
Rue Haute 4,6990Hotton
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