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This itinerary leads you to the route of savours through the boroughs of Bastogne, Bertogne and Sainte-Ode.

If the town of Bastogne and the surrounding area attract your attention for the many monuments and traces of the Second World War, it’s also a region worth visiting for its other aspects. Your jaunts through the small picturesque villages of the Deux Ourthes and the Haute-Sûre Anlier Forest Nature Parks will bring you plenty of exquisite experiences and enriching encounters with producers who are proud of their  region.

Producers to visit on your gourmand tour

The Brasserie Demanez

The Schumer-Widart farm

Joce des Abeilles | An apiary in Bastogne

Artisanal Meats Murielle Courtois in Bastogne

La Ferme d'Antan

Recipe to Try

Tartines au four au jambon de chez M.Courtois et fromage de la ferme Schumer-Widard


  • Tomme and Boulette from the Farm Keirse in Houmont
  • Meat and artisan salt-cured meats from the butchers’ shops, Claude Ligot, and Laprairie in Lavacherie
  • Apple juice from the Musée Vivant de la Laine (a wool museum) Animalaine in Bizory
  • Bison meat from the Ferme des Bisons in Recogne
  • Tarte des Vatchos (sugar tart) from the Pierre Cornélis Bakery in Lavacherie
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Minimum distance : 33 Km

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