Saint-Hubert's cross-country ski slopes

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  • Cross-country skiing

The cross-country ski slopes of Hurtebise, a family managed ski station in the Saint-Hubert forest, are located near the local airfield.

There are 4 ski slopes to choose from, all 530 metres high: 1, 4, 7 and 11 km.

Sledge rides for the little ones.

Lodge to warm up on site.

Discover the thrills of Joëring skiing

Your alpine skis on or even sitting on a buoy, you will be dragged in the snow by local cart horses for an incredible experience.
This is Joëring skiing: the Hurtebise ski slopes are the only ones in Belgium offering this.

Aside from these new thrills, the Saint-Hubert ski slopes offer shows and activities every season, such as mushing (dog-drawn sleighs) and snow kiting (the winter version of kitesurfing. 

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Minimum distance22 Km



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