Saint Paul’s Cathedral (Liège)

  • Religious heritage

Built in the 10th century, Saint Paul collegiate church will be upgraded to the rank of cathedral in the 19th century, following the destruction of Saint Lambert cathedral during the French revolution.

Like most religious buildings of this magnitude, Saint-Paul has undergone various improvements and reconstructions between the beginning of the works around 1230 and the construction of an extra floor to the tower in the 19th century. which imitates that of Saint-Lambert.

The treasury

The Treasury contains several exceptional pieces of medieval heritage from Liège, including:

  • the "Reliquaire de Charles le Téméraire" (ca. 1467),
  • the bust of the reliquary of St-Lambert (ca. 1512)
  • the Mosan ivory masterpiece representing the Three Resurrections.

Its collections of textiles (shrouds of Saint-Lambert, liturgical ornaments) are remarkable.






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