The Saint-Ursmer collegiate church: an example of Carolingian art in Lobbes

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The Saint-Ursmer collegiate church, in Lobbes (Province of Hainaut), is one of the rare examples of Carolingian and Pre-Romanesque architecture.

The oldest church in Belgium

  • Consecrated in 697 and rebuilt in the 9th cenury, this  funerary (collegiate and parish) church was a pilgrimage location dedicated to Saint Ursmer, one of the founders of the abbey.
  • Its history is linked to the Saint -Pierre Abbey's, destroyed in 1794 by Napoleon's revolutionnary troops.

A unique witness of the 9th century

Latin cross planned, it has a false transept on the West side and:

  • the nave an the transept: the oldest part of the church (9th century, Carolingian era)
  • the crypt, tower-porch and choir (11th century, Romanesque era)

Sarcophagi and headstones

The Romanesque crypt, with its 15 cross vaults, features the Merovingian sarcophagi of Saint Ursmer and Ermin as well as several 16th centuries headstones.

Like so many pilgrims in the Middle Ages, pray to Saint Dodon and Saint Reneide, respectively known to soothe backaches and skin diseases,

The Folcuin garden

Take a stroll through this delightful garden of aromatic plants and medicinal herbs



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