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Take a different look at Liège with a river cruise on the Meuse... Taking place between April and October, these allow you to go from one iconic location to the next in the Fiery City at a mere 1€ per stop.

It's not only for visitors: the locals use it too on a daily basis. Talk about a way to commute!

There are 6 stops along the river: the main town centre, historical centre, Musée de la Vie wallonne, Musée de la Boverie and its  park.

The advantages of Liège's river shuttle

  • Each boat can welcome up to 75 persons
  • Large covered terrace, which can open up on sunny days
  • Seats perpendicular to the way the boat is going for a better visual appreciation of the views

Getting on/off board

  • Fragnée (right bank, downstream of the bridge)
  • Guillemins (left bank, upstream of the Belle-Liégeoise bridge)
  • Pôle fluvial (right bank, in front of the Aquarium-Museum)
  • Town centre (left bank, under the bridge)
  • Historical centre (right bank, upstream of the Maghin bridge)
  • Coronmeuse (left bank, upstream from Liège Expo )
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