The strangest rolling stone in Court Saint-Etienne

  • Architectural heritage

A rather strange flat stone lies there, in the hollow of a path. It would be a rather normal sight if that rock did not weigh... 4 tons! Many legends explain the phenomena. The most famous one explains that when the bells of the church in Court strike midnight, the stone rotates on its own axel... The perfect opportunity for a hike or a bike ride.

There are many rolling stones in Western Europe. It is said that druids, walking and dancing in circles around these megaliths during their sacred ceremonies, had succeeded to make them rotate...

This particular stone used to be by the former road linking Nivelles to Herstal via Jodoigne and Landen. Although quite used in the Middles Ages, it already existed in Gallo-Roman times and many megaliths have been found nearby. The stone was only uncovered fully in 1971.

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