A Street Art trail in Namur

  • Guided tour and discovery

Art is everywhere in Namur, even in the street! This fantastic trail through the city aims at intriguing visitors, make them look up or down and notice extraordinary little details.

An open air museum

A variety of techniques and styles have been used to create the various pieces: paint, spray cans, sculptures, stencils, more complex installations...

Although an official map presenting the trail is available, stay sharp! Street art evolves constantly and new creations can appear from one day to another.

Practical information

  • The official pieces are identified by a "Namur, art in the city" sticker
  • Most creations are in the streets, some in yards and gardens open to the public
  • The trail is available on the Namur Connect app and online.
The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.