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There are many wonderful walks to enjoy in Wallonia> and this one, in Villers-la-Ville, featuring the abbey and forest, is particularly beautiful.

The path will take you through the ruins of the Villers-la-Ville abbey then through stunning woodlands. Once at the edge of the forest, the itinerary will guide you to the peaceful villages of La Roche and Tangissart. A steep slope will take you back down to a stream beavers have turned into a sweet little mangrove.

Forest plantations, meadows, wet zones, cultural heritage: this walk guarantees a fascinating diversity.

Starting point: Villers-la-Ville Tourist office
Distance: 9.5 km
Difficulty: average
Signs: yellow rectangles

You can download the interactive map, full description and gpx file for the walk here.

Near Villers-la-Ville

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A walker's guide to Wallonia

If you were to draw a straight line on an atlas northward from the Massif Central in France to the North Pole, the only area of high ground the line crosses is the Ardennes, shared between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany – but mainly belonging to Wallonia, the southern part of Belgium!

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