Surprising automatons gathered by a collector

Nothing to do with the game! Renato Monopoli, fascinated by all kind of automatons (singing, moving, surprising...) started gathering them. Preferring to share these incredible pieces with a wider audience, he opened a museum in the province of Namur. This fully working collection, featuring mechanical pianos and horse-drawn vehicles, is quite unique in Belgium

A glimpse of the collections

Along the years and his passions, Renato Monopoli found quite incredible gems: showcase automatons for shop windows made between 1850 and 1950, meant to catch the passers-by's attention, a wide range of musical instruments such as mechanical pianos, street organs, music boxes, orchestrions...

Also featured in the collections are 19th century carriages, 50 handmade boat scale models, a impressive collection of pipes and vintage amusement games used to be found in cafés.

Practical information

Opening times

March 1st to October 31st, by appointment only.
Also open in September for Heritage Days.


Information on the walk


Minimum duration1:00



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