A fondue is always a celebration. Made with terroir ingredients – it’s a feast. We chose cheese and charcuterie from Bergerie d’Acremont and Cuvée de Bouillon beer. Bliss.


  • 100 g Oeillet du Château cheese (Bergerie d’Acremont)
  • 100 g Goud’Acremont cheese (Bergerie d’Acremont)
  • 200 g Comté (Bergerie d’Acremont)
  • 1 cl Bouillon beer
  • 5 slices of baguette bread (1 cm wide)
  • 5 thin slices of smoked leg of lamb (Bergerie d’Acremont)
  • 20 small pickled onions
  • 5 pickled gherkins
  • Butter

Hands-on time: 10 mn
Cooking time: 15 mn


1. Grate the cheeses. Heat your beer in your fondue set. Once it simmers, add the cheeses, gently and stir. If the fondue is a little too thick to your taste, add some more beer (warm, not cold).

2. Toast your baguette slices then butter them.

3. Place your toasted slices on the fondue. Top each with a little charcuterie, gherkins and onions.

4. Enjoy straight away.

Bon appétit!

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