A Tasteful Itinerary in the Spa and Theux Region

  • Découvrez le Restaurant la Cour De La Reine à Spa
  • Circuit Gourmand 22 - Spa - Thermes
  • Dégustez une savoureuse Bobeline, la biere de Spa
  • Découvrez le savoureux Sarté, fromage fermier de Jalhay à Spa
  • Car tours

This itinerary starts in Spa, a historic thermal spa town with its Pouhon Pierre le Grand spring which has made the spa resort renowned.

You’ll begin by visiting a chocolatier before delving into the secrets of the blue gold which has helped make the thermal spa town world famous.

The circuit then leads you to the discovery of Theux and its exceptional Franchimont Castle. This small rural and medieval market town offers specialities like Franchimont wines and elixirs, but also succulent duck specialities. You’ll finish up in a gourmet shop where you will not be able to resist taking home some foodie treasures as souvenirs.


  • Lager from the La Sparsa microbrasserie in Spa
  • Sarté, a hard cheese made from fresh, unpasteurised milk, produced in Sart (Jalhay)
  • Potée au chou frisé (a curly kale stew) from Jalhay
  • Bernister Crémeux cheese and butter from the Ferme des Grandes Fagnes in Stavelot
  • Honey from the Rucher du Centenaire in Hockai

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Minimum distance11.5 Km


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