• Folklore and Tradition

This carnival, created in 1981, is sure to enchant you with its creativity and cheerfulness. 


Friday night:

  • Show, music, masquerade, dancing ball at the Halle aux Draos
  • Night of the Intrigue, a fascinating light and sound show.


  • Masquerade and procession though the streets
  • Kids will love the balloon release at 5 pm and the "Pichous", thrown from the top of the belfry at 6 pm. A gourmet carnival emblem for more than 20 years, this sweet little roll of candied fruits has the appearance of a little man, in a nod to that of the Saint-Piat district.
  • The Pichous throw takes place before the burning of the carnival king: a big pyre around which the children find themselves dancing to the sound of the tam-tams!


  • Ball for children (music show, cakes, party for kids)
  • The guilds go from one café to another.


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Event planned for the month of March 2022 (1)

(1) Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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