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Tournai Military History Museum is nestled in an 18th century town mansion, near the Grand Place. Its galleries present the town's troops, their equipment and weapons between 1100 and 1945.

Tournai, its citadel and protective walls

A room, on the ground floor, explains:

  • how fortifications have changed since Philippe-Auguste 
  • How they improved following the many attacks on the town (Edward III in 1340, Henry VIII in 1513, Charles V in1521, Louis XIV in1667, Marlborough in 1709, Louis XV in 1745 and the battle of Fontenoy in 1745)

From the Revolution to Belgium via the Empire

Remarkable collections revisit these eras. with a focus on the regiments in garrison in Tournai until 1914

Tournai and the two world conflicts

On the first floor, visitor will learn on how the town was impacted by the two world wars:

  • Battle of August 24th, 1914 (French troops defended the town)
  • Battle of Escaut in October-November 1918 (led by British troops)
  • Bombings by the Luftwaffe and Battle of Escaut in May 1940
  • Bombings by the Allies
  • Freedom, finally, in September 1944
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