The Trèves Gate: one of the last medieval buildings in Bastogne

  • Monument

This monumental, square shaped made of stone was once the main entrance to Bastogne. The Trève gate, built in 1332, was part of the city's ramparts and meant to protect the city. It is now the last hint of the medieval fortifications.

Located at the heart of Bastogne, the Trève gate reflects the history of the city. it was almost destroyed during the Second World War when Von Rundstedt attacked Bastogne. The ramparts and High Gate did not survive the passing of time.

Didactic panels retracing the history of the city

17 panels, throughout the city, will tell you more about its past. Stop by the local tourist office to get the map showing their location or book a guided tour. The trail takes about 2 hours to complete. The Trève Gate is, of course, part of the itinerary.


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