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This autumn, the Musée communal de Nivelles pays tribute to Henri Quittelier, painter, illustrator an engraver born in Uccle. A fantastic opportunity to discover his pictorial art.

The artist

Henri Quittelier (1884-1980) spent most of his life in Uccle but had a particular fondness for Nivelles, where he taugh at the Drawing Academy.

He renovated and decorated the interior of several buildings:

  • The former Waux-Hall
  • The chapel of the Couvent des Conceptionnistes
  • The vaults of the Sainte Gertrude collegiate church for which he also designed stained windows

Nivelles was for him a constant source of artistic inspiration, as witness two of his most famous engravings: a panorama of Nivelles (1925) and the Saint Paul square under the snow.

The exhibition

  • Brabant landscapes
  • Symbolist compositions
  • Family portraits
  • Photos and archive documents

A section focuses on Nivelles and the work he did in this town.

Practical information

  • Entry is free
  • Booking is mandatory
Musée communalRue de Bruxelles 27,1400Nivelles
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From 18 October to 11 December 2020.

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