The tumulus of Glimes, a site rich in history

  • Monument

The tumulus of Glimes, a Gallo-Roman grave in Incourt, is one of the largest (15 m high, 50 m wide) and best preserved in Belgium. It was declared a historical site in 1971.

It remains at the very heart of local traditions and legends: it is said there once were trees and benches on its top... The first dance of the village feast would always take place there.

Guided tours can be arranged. The duration varies on the theme chosen

Worth seeing in the area

  • The Ferme de la Tour (nearby)
  • The La Ramée abbey (2km)
  • The quarry of Opprebais (4 km)
  • The historic city of Jodoigne (6 km)
  • Mélin, one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia (10 km)
  • The First Wing museum (12 km)



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