Viroin-Hermeton nature park | Province of Namur

  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area
  • Natural Park

Stretching over 48,000 hectares (over both the Ardenne and the Calespienne), the Viroin-Hermeton nature park enjoys a rich flora and fauna... Perfect for nature strolls!

There are splendid, diverse landscapes to enjoy

  • Conifers and hardwood forests
  • Heather and grass moors
  • Calcareous grassland, wet meadows and vast crops

Don't miss

  • The Fondry des Chiens and its 20 metres deep sinkhole
  • The Roche à Lomme, overlooking the Viroin
  • La Roche Trouée with its many caves
  • The Caves of Neptune in Couvin
  • The , an enchanting location
  • The Tombeau de Franchimont, a super nature reserve in Philippeville




  • Parking
  • Playground
  • Restaurant


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