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Visé, a sweet little Mosane town in the province of Liège, is halfway between La Cité Ardente (The Fiery City, Liège's nickname) and Maastricht, its Dutch neighbour. This leisure marina is just by the Canal de jonction, which links the Canal Albert to the Meuse river via the Visé lock.

60 boats come and moor here every year, with another 15 just passing through.

Its ideal location makes it easily accessible for holiday goers coming from the North of the country, the Netherlands or France - a pleasant break during their trip, known for its warm welcome, its beautiful green setting and its peacefulness.


  • The Grande Brocante du Printemps or Spring flea market featuring nautical objects, the first weekend of May
  • The Folies sur Meuse: festive aquatic jousting, part of the Devant-le-Pont festivities


Promenade d’Aiguillon 2,4600Visé
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