Who can get a Visit Wallonia Pass?

Each household can receive 1 Visit Wallonia Pass, subject to availability.

Please note:

  • there is a limited number of Passes available (60,000)
  • any one household can receive only one Pass while the scheme is running.

When can I fill in the application form?

The first 20,000 Passes will be available from 9.00 a.m. on 1st November and again on 1st December 2020, on the visitwallonia.be website. You can apply for a Pass at any time from that point onwards. The Pass scheme runs until 31 December 2020, subject to availability of Passes.

20,000 new Passes will be made available on 1 November, and again on 1 December.

How long is my Pass valid for?

You can get your Pass scanned for up to 30 calendar days after it is issued. It ceases to be valid after that deadline.

For example, if a Pass is issued on 10 November, you can get it scanned up to and including 9 December, otherwise it expires.

How does it work?

1. Complete the online form.

2. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with a QR code as an attachment. This holds your full name and date of birth. It is this QR code that serves as your Pass.

3. When buying a ticket for an attraction, excursion, or accommodation with a participating tourism service provider, present your Pass.

4. The service provider scans your QR code. The price of the selected activity is then automatically deducted from your Pass.

Where and when can I use my Pass?

The Visit Wallonia Pass is intended to be used at any tourism service provider in Wallonia participating in the scheme.

Examples include museums, trips & excursions, admission to an amusement park, hotel stays, etc.

Which tourism service providers are taking part?

The list of participating providers is updated daily on the visitwallonia.be website.

Do I have to spend my €80 budget all at the same time?

No, you don’t have to, the €80 can be split however you wish.

For example, you could buy 2 museum tickets totalling €20, then another day spend €60 on admission to an amusement park.

Note that the Pass can be combined with other promotions that tourism service operators might be running at the time.

Can the Pass be put towards paying larger amounts?

Yes, absolutely.

For example, if you book accommodation costing €100, you can use your Pass to pay €80 and make up the difference yourself.

How can I see how much money is left on my Pass?

At this point, it is not possible for a Pass holder to see how much money is left. Only a tourism service provider participating in the scheme is able to give you that information.

I received a Pass in October. Can I request another one in November?

No, just one Pass is available per household while the scheme is running.

If I order a Pass, can I go to a wildlife park with my grandchildren?

Yes, you can use it.

The Pass is issued to a named individual. Can my son use it without me for admission to an amusement park?

If the information given on the form was about you and not about your son, then no, you would have to accompany your son to use the Pass.

Do I have to actually use the accommodation or take the trip within a month of receiving the Pass?

No, not at all, the service provider chosen can offer you later dates if that is possible. This applies to attractions entries as well as trips and accommodation.

Please note, however, that the Pass itself absolutely has to be scanned within 30 calendar days of issue.

Many attractions have to be booked online. How do I present my Pass in these situations?

The best way is to always contact the chosen provider by phone or email, and tell them you would like to use your Pass.

They will then suggest:

  • either booking the activity/accommodation online and then presenting the Pass on the day you visit;
  • or emailing your Pass to them when booking, so that they can scan it.

I booked an activity with my Pass, but I am unable to go on the planned date. Can the amount deducted be added back onto my Pass?

No, there is no way to refund a Pass, even if you did not ultimately use the activity booked. Under such circumstances, it is preferable to contact the chosen service provider to postpone the visit, if it is possible to do so.

I do not have internet access. What should I do to receive a Pass?

You have two options:

  • The quickest and easiest is to get help, if possible, from someone you know who does have internet access and complete the application with them. You will receive your pass within two days.
  • The slower option is to call 081 84 41 00. A member of WBT staff will complete the online form for you. Your QR code will then be sent to you in the post.

Note that the post office can take up to two weeks to deliver, and you are reminded that the validity period of the Pass starts to run on the date of issue, not the date of receipt. It is for this reason that we recommend applying for your Pass online.

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