A walk along in the Ninglinspo valley

  • The Ninglinspo vale - Aywaille - Chaudière - unexpected Wallonia
  • The Ninglinspo vale - Aywaille - Chaudière - unexpected Wallonia
  • Walking or hiking

Near Aywaille, in the Amblève basin, erosion sculpted wild valleys through which flows on of the country's most poetic stream, the Ninglinspo. This fantastic walk will guide you along the torrent, quite unique in Belgium.

Discover this valley, sprinkled with giant rocks, natural slides and intriguing cauldrons created by the force of water through time. The Ninglinspo tumbles from a canyon, going from a 400 m to 150 m in altitude at its confluence. The slope (almost 7.5% in gradient) gives it a torrential look...

Practical information

Start: Sedoz parking (near Remouchamps)
Duration: 2h45
Distance: 6 km
Level: Average
Signs: Blue rectangle

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The walk

The many wooden bridges along the way invite you to go from one bank to another, making the most of the terrain. The setting itself is enchanting: succession of small waterfalls, crystal clear water, swirls, cauldrons big enough to be compared to baths...

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Minimum distance6 Km
Maximum distance6.2 Km
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