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Located along the Fagne-Famenne, Wéris delights visitors with its colourful meadows and fields. After taking a stroll in the village, why not stop by the megalithic site, known as the best preserved in Wallonia? Its enchanting atmosphere inspired many tales and legends...

Picturesque to say the least

At the heart of the village stands the Romanesque church of Sainte-Walburge. Built in the 11th century, it was then modified slightly in the 16th and 17th century. Lovely stone houses and farm can be farm nearby. Follow the discovery trail (2,4 or 6 km) to see the many gems the region has to offer.

A touch of magic

In the countryside can be found an impressive Megalithic site dating back to the second half of the first millennium BCE. The Maison des Mégalithes nearby will tell you about the dolmens, menhirs and who placed them there. You can even celebrate with a glass of Dolménius, a locally brewed craft beer found only in this part of the country.

Perfect for foodies

Wéris has quite a few restaurants to be proud of:

  • Tiesse di Bwès serves creative dishes inspired by the local cuisine.
  • Les Lanternes offers both a restaurant and brasserie option
  • La Maison du Hary Cot has a surprising, magical decor and prepares gourmet dishes.
  • Le Cor de Chasse, rewarded with a Michelin star, guarantees elegant, modern dishes inspired by the passing seasons.
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