Hiking in Wallonia: Corbion and the ridges of Frahan

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This highly varied walk takes you first to the Preacher’s Pulpit, a steep overhang above the Semois river and the ruins of Montragut Castle. The remains are sparse, but the views are impressive.

The route takes in other great viewpoints before arriving at Frahan, lying at the extremity of a classic Semois meander. On the opposite bank, you will discover the charming former tobacco-making village of Poupehan. Then you cross the Semois again to begin a final climb to Corbion, renowned for its culture as well as tobacco manufacturing. 

Practical information

Start: Parking by the Communal House in Corbion
Duration: 4 h
Distance: 11 km

Route/Points of Interest

  • From the car park (S) the walk runs first to the left, then right into rue Paul Verlaine. It continues straight ahead to the rue Croix de Poupehan, as far as a wooden cross and a rest area.
  • It then turns left (wooden panel ‘Chaire à Prêcher’) (1), then a small path (No 1) goes down to the left between two boulders. Just after the boulders it turns sharply left and returns to the parallel main road, with corresponding signage.
  • Descend on this broad forest track as far as the crossing with the N893.
  • Cross the road and keep going as far as the junction. There, turn left and follow the signs or the wood panel (Crêtes de Frahan).
  • The forest road runs parallel to a stream. At the next turn, continue straight ahead.
  • At the next fork, keep going straight on alongside the stream (note: don’t cross the bridge!) and ignore the wooden panel (Crêtes de Frahan) that indicates a right turn.
  • The two roads lead to the same point, but the one running alongside the river is by far the prettier of the two. Follow it in the direction of the Semois as far as a small path (white and red GR signage) which climbs sharply to the right.
  • The stony path by-passes the mountain to rejoin the main road.
  • At a crossing between two massive rocks, the path climbs steeply again (look out for sign No 1). After about 10 minutes you arrive at the highest point, Montragut castle (2).
  • The path continues to the crest (3) crossing rocks and woods.
  • Just before Frahan, it drops sharply in a series of loops as far as the village. 
  • Keep left, pass the church and turn right on to the main road to descend as far as the river.
  • Cross the small pedestrian bridge then leave the red rectangle (No 1) and turn right on the path alongside the Semois in the direction of Poupehan.
  • From here, the signage is unreliable, but if you stay on the main path and keep going straight ahead you’ll arrive at Poupehan (4).
  • Follow the main road to the right and cross the Semois.
  • Behind the bridge, turn left and pass the Notre Dame de l’Ourthe cave.
  • At the first crossing, turn right and head back to Corbion.

Prepare your walk

Make sure you wear good hiking boots and comfortable walking shoes. A walking stick will also help. Be careful when it has been raining as the terrain can be slippery.

Always take some snacks and water with you.

Along the way

The panoramic viewpoint at Frahan is really spectacular and one of the best views in the country so don’t forget your camera! The little houses with slate roofs and the 18th-century church give the village a special atmosphere.

You can also visit the link[node|7907|Musée du Tabac] along the walk.

In the downloadable brochure below, we have selected one of the best walks per province: natural gems, family friendly paths, memorable views along the way, trails sprinkled with history… One even will introduce you to the iconic abbey beers.

A walker's guide to Wallonia

If you were to draw a straight line on an atlas northward from the Massif Central in France to the North Pole, the only area of high ground the line crosses is the Ardennes, shared between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany – but mainly belonging to Wallonia, the southern part of Belgium!

Information on the walk


Minimum distance11 Km
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