The 14-18 Space in the Citadel of Dinant

  • The 14-18 Space in the Citadel of Dinant
  • The 14-18 Space in the Citadel of Dinant
  • The 14-18 Space in the Citadel of Dinant
  • The 14-18 Space in the Citadel of Dinant
  • Classification officielle d'une attraction en Wallonie : 4 soleils
  • 365
  • B-excursion - SNCB
  • Fort, citadel and fortification
  • Architectural heritage

A new visual and sound space dedicated to the battles of August 1914 welcomes visitors at the Citadel of Dinant.

At the entrance of this magnificent fortress is now a brand-new gallery, dedicated solely to the Great War. The sound effects playing constantly in the background make it a rather emotional experience.

The 14-18 Space - step by step

The visit begins with a welcome area illustrated with educational comic strips drawn by a young author from the Beauraing region.

An echoed corridor then leads visitors to casemates. The journey starts there, by following key dates and times (printed on the floor) of events from the first few weeks of the Battle of Dinant (battle of the 15th of August, civilian massacres, etc...)

A large three-dimensional scale model reproduces the time-line of combats and events in the city after the arrival of the Germans. Particular emphasis has been put on the presence of Lieutenant Charles de Gaulle during the battle of the 15th of August.

A space plunged into complete darkness takes visitors along a soldier facing the enemy in the heart of the citadel: an experience which will make tour heart beat faster.

The last stage of the visit takes place in a small room, where the name and age of 674 martyrs from the 23rd of August 1914 are projected onto a wall, just like film credits, with voices retracing the terrible events of that era.




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