Along the path of the procession of Sainte-Rolende | Cycling trails in Wallonia

  • Along the path of the procession of Sainte-Rolende | Cycling trails in Wallonia
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This countryside bike ride will take you to iconic places featured in a local folkloric tradition: the Marches de l'Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse (processions), declared Oral and Immaterial World Heritage by Unesco. 

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From Gerpinnes, follow the path the Marcheurs (walkers) in full uniform would take, carrying Sainte-Rolende and Saint-Oger each Whit Monday. The Marche Sainte-Rolende is a procession over 30 km, with no less than 3,300 participants: grandiose!

Nearby it is the Acoz castle, on the former Carolingian site of Gerpinnes. The itinerary, quite easy to cycle, offers superb open landscapes with picturesque villages along the way.

You will go through Aherée then Hazinne, both nestled amidst fields. Next is Saint-Oger's chapel, built on a gentle promontory and surrounded by 5 lime trees.

The trail continues through the Hanzinne forest before returning to Gerpinnes, where you can visit the Marches Folkloriques de l’Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse museum.

Good to know

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Practical information

Type of road

Paths and low traffic roads

Type of bike

VTC bike


An easy 16-km bike ride with only a slight hill to reach Aherée.


From 12 y.o.


From node #06, Place des Combattants in Gerpinnes.


Follow the nodes #06, 07, 70, 08, 09, 29, 28 and 06.


Place des Combattants in Gerpinnes.

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Minimum distance16 Km


Minimum duration2:00
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