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The countryside roads of this itinerary go through the Pays de Herve, so beautiful in spring when its orchards start to bloom.

Departure: Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Herve
Duration: 2h30
Distance: 32 km
Level: average
Signs: 29

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From the RAVeL L38, the trail escapes towards undulating hills and vales the passes hamlets crossed by charming streams.

Shortly after La Fosselette, as you cycle down, you will notice the bell tower of the Val-Dieu abbey, built in 1216 by Cistercian monks. An excellent: the terroir bistrot «Casse-Croûte de Val-Dieu» will be perfect for lunch.

From the abbey, the trail, a cycling path mostly, goes all the way to Aubel, known for its cordials and fruit juice. The RAVeL L38, easier, then takes you to Clermont-sur-Berwinne listed as one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia for its rich architectural heritage.

The green belt now follows a ridge and end at the Maison du Tourisme, which Espace des Saveurs offers tastings of terroir products.


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Maximum distance32 Km


Minimum duration3:00


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