The Achouffe brewery: just follow the gnome

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Follow the red-hatted gnomes to the Achouffe Brewery, located a few kilometres from Houffalize and discover the Ardenne brewing world.

Gnomes, elves and other mysterious creatures often feature in the tales and legends of the Ardenne region. It is no wonder they also figure on the labels of the brewery, founded in 1982. They will welcome you to the site, inviting you to discover its enchanting setting and come it for a tasting. 

La Chouffe

The brewery's most famous beer is La Chouffe, a crisp and fruity lager, followed by the Mc Chouffe, a dark beer similar in flavour to the Scottish ones. Hence its nickname of "Scotch of the Ardenne"

Do give the Houblon Chouffe a try too, an IPA-style beer but as a triple. Think of it as the perfect balance between a pleasant fruitiness and a sharp bitterness: indeed, 3 types of hop are used to make it. The collection also features the N’Ice Chouffe, a well-balanced, spiced winter beer (thyme and curacao) with just a hint of hoppiness. For sunny days, you might prefer the Chouffe Soleil, delicately fruity and refreshing.

A magical setting for an experience simply out of this world.





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